At Liat Aviram's jewelry and fashion accessories studio, we create earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. Each jewelry piece receives a great deal of attention, from the planning, production, refinement and packing stages, to our excitement from a client's response, as she tries on the items of her choice.
I am a jewelry designer, yet I love to invest in everything I do: home décor, photography, even gourmet cooking. The latter two are my hobbies that only my close companions enjoy, but several of my photographs are on display on the website and I promise to share my recipes with you in the near future.
I wake up almost every day with a new idea for creation. This is the reason the studio has continued to reinvent itself throughout the past 20 years, offering a wide variety of gold,silverand 24-carat plated brass and silver jewelry, as well as many, many unique gemstones.
My jewelry attracts mostly women who adore something special, a soft look, romantic yet full of presence.
As an artist that admires quality, I am committed to my craft and my jewelry, meticulously picking and working with only the finest, most durable materials.
You are welcome to browse through the hand-crafted collection on display at the online store. Please feel free to give us a call. If you wish to examine the collection from up close, please drop by and visit us at the studio.