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Color: all colors.

Hardness: 6.5 - 7

Sources: India, China, U.S.A., Madagascar, Brazil and Uruguay.

Agates, a group of stones from the quartz family, are characterized by different shapes and a wide spectrum of colors. Some types of agate have got colored bands on them; some have bands across the stone, others inside. In some examples we can see in the center a cavity with sharp crystals or round cavity walls.
The Agate (blue) is referred to in the Old Testament Bible as “Shvo” It was one of the Breastplate Stones of the High Priest and identified with the tribe of Naftali.
In ancient times the Babylonians, Greeks and other nations used to make jewelry with the stone and used it for healing purposes. The Romans believed that the stone brings wealth, arouses creativity, and strengthens confidence and courage.
Various types of agate are called by the name of their origin or by name of their unique shape.
Following are several types of agates named according to their places of origin or specific characteristics relating to them.
Botswana Agate - A gray or pink stone with white or brown bands. Strengthens mans power and self-confidence. Encourages creativity, calms the exaggerated wish to dominate others and can help heal repressed feelings such as anger, frustration and loneliness. Improves stability and balance, helps proper functioning of the nervous system, can help withdrawal from smoking .Suited particularly to those of the Scorpio star sign.
Blue Lace Agate - Blue stone with white and pale blue bands, has a calming and purifying effect, improves the ability to express oneself and eases feelings of frustration. Helps in treating problems with thyroid gland. Traditionally suited to Pisceans.
Turritella Agate - Brown stone resembles snakeskin. Balances over- sensitive ego, helps neutralize childhood fears and traumas, protects sensitive people and brings prosperity. It also helps treating stomach and intestinal problems, helps the body's metabolism.
The stone is particularly suitable for Cancerians and Aquarians.
Blue Agate - Absorbs feelings of anger, guilt, fears and anxieties from the body. Strengthens the mental state, calming and providing courage and self-confidence. The stone strengthens relationships. Improves functioning of the immune system and helps with self-expression, both verbal and in writing.
Blue Agate suits all zodiac signs.
Green Moss Agate - A green stone, exhibiting patterns which resemble fossilized plants. Has a calming and harmonizing effect. Protects against heart disease, strengthens the immune system and helps metabolism generally. Improves self-esteem and ones ability to influence others.

The stone suits Virgoans.