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Color: dark violet or transparent.

Hardness: 7 - 7.5

Sources: Africa, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Mexico, India, Australia and Russia.

Amethyst is an expensive quartz stone. Man has used this stone for thousands of years setting it in jewelry. In nature it forms in crystal colonies inside rocks of different sizes.
It also appears in the Biblical Old Testament as one of the Breastplate Stones of the High Priest by the name of “Ahlamah” and is identified with Dan tribe.
The name is derived from the Greek a-methystos, meaning, “not drunken”. According to Greek mythology the wine God Dionysus was angry with his lover the Goddess Diana (who had left him) and was looking for way of revenge. He met the beautiful girl Amethyst who was attacked by wild animals. The Goddess Diana came to help her and turned her into stone. Dionysus in anger poured wine on the petrified body and the stone turned to violet. Presumably this is the source of the belief that amethyst is good for preventing alcoholism and for treating other addictions.

The Amethyst is said to help man communicate with the higher spiritual dimension and by that helps man to understand the "right" way. It has a calming effect and enables the wearer to be more patient and tolerant. It helps overcome feelings of sorrow and fear, removes bad dreams, and helps with getting out of bed in the morning.
It sharpens awareness and strengthens memory, stimulates inspiration and creativity and therefore helpful for those working in creative arts.
It protects us against equipment that emits radiation by absorbing the radiation. Lovers are recommended to give this stone to each other in order to strengthen their relationship and mutual commitment.

Amethyst stone in the home is a talisman against thieves.

The Amethyst suits mainly Aquarius, Capricorn and Pisces.