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Color: yellow with brown-orange shades.

Hardness: 7

Sources: Brazil, Russia, Madagascar, Spain, U.S.A. and France.

Citrine is a transparent yellow quartz stone, most likely originating from Amethyst stones or Smoky Quartz stones which changed their color after long sojourn in the depths of the earth being exposed to very high temperatures. High quality citrine resembles Topaz.

The stone is believed to enhance clarity of thought. It sharpens ones ability to express oneself and enhances creativity, bridging between logic and intuition and in that way helps with good decision making. It encourages teamwork. It removes fears and causes the person wearing it to demonstrate assertiveness and self-confidence. It encourages positive thinking and is uplifting; helps business and attracts money.

The stone is good for children who are scared at night and ensures deep sleep. It helps the digestive system and metabolism in the body and improves vision..

Citrine suits mainly Gemini, Leo and Capricorn.