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Color: white, pink, red, orange, blue, black.

Hardness: 3.5 - 4

Sources: Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Australia, Tunis, Alger, Morocco, Italy and Hawaii.

Coral is organic material, secreted by marine organisms, which live in colonies planted on the seabed This exoskeleton typically has a branching form and consists mainly of calcite. There are many different types of corals occurring in diverse shapes and colors, found mainly in shallow coastal water.
Some believe that only Coral which has detached itself from the Coral colony and floated to the beach has the healing properties found in the stone. Coral taken from the living Coral reef is believed to have negative qualities.
The Indians see the Coral as holy and in Eastern cultures it symbolized the energy of life. The Romans used it for preparation of talismans against danger.

Coral is considered to strengthen intuition and improve mood. Good for treating problems related to blood like anemia, good for stopping bleeding and relieving period pains. They strengthen the body's bones and muscles.

Different qualities are related to Coral stones according to colors:
White Coral - It helps renew brain cells, increases the flow of energy and releases blocks.
Blue Coral - Enhances the ability to communicate and express oneself and helps treating liver and throat problems.
Pink Coral - Strengthens feelings of love and helps in treating heart and fertility problems.
Red Coral - Strengthens optimism, helps in achieving goals, increases love, passion and romanticism, balances between material and spirit, and provides vitality and energy. The stone helps in treating kidney diseases.
Black Coral - Absorbs negative energies and provides protection, encourages creativity and originality, helps in treating skin problems and in cleaning toxins from the body.

The Coral suits mainly Aries, Cancers and Pisces.