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Color: all colors.

Hardness: 6.5 - 7

Sources: Russia, India, Italy, Egypt, Czechoslovakia, Brazil, Canada, Germany and Australia.

A common group of quartz stones containing many minerals that create a variety of shapes and colours in the stones which are not translucent.

The stone was used in ancient times for carving symbols and talismans. The Indians believed in its power to bring rain and find sources of water.
In the bible it is called “Yashphe” one of the Breastplate Stones of the High Priest and identified with Binyamin tribe.

Jasper is considered good for strengthening and encouraging "staying power" and continuation. It enhances alertness and helps in facing stressful situations. It is good for treating problems related to abdomen and skin. It provides physical strength and tolerance.

The stone appears in all colors and is divided to several types named according to their typical features. Following are several examples with their unique characteristics:
Red Jasper - Brown reddish stone, helps in sexual and love life, protects the feelings and helps building self-acceptance, reduces feelings of guilt and self-punishment. The stone can help in remembering dreams, suits mainly Taurus.
Brown/yellow Jasper - The stone is considered good for balancing the hormones in the body. It helps in avoiding emotional involvement with people who have a negative influence, suits mainly Leo and Scorpio.
Picture Jasper - Brown stone with a variety of patterns, is considered helpful in reevaluating difficult situations and in helping to avoiding mistakes, suits mainly Aries and Virgo.