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Color: gray, green, blue.

Hardness: 6 - 6.5

Sources: Canada, Russia, Madagascar, Finland, U.S.A. and Mexico.

The stone displays rainbow-colored reflections known as labradorescence. The name is derived from its main source, Labrador, in Canada. The stone is believed to have protective properties against negative energy and to safeguard positive energies. It prevents over- involvement that may be harmful. Helps to clear disturbing thoughts; reduce tension and anxiety and helps build self-confidence.

The stone provides a feeling of strength, stability and consistency, peace and happiness. It balances extremity in man’s nature.
The stone is good for balancing metabolism in the body and helps in treating headaches. It is good for people working long hours in providing them additional strength and energy.

The Labradorite suits mainly Virgos and Pisces.