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Color: white, milky-transparent.

Hardness: 6 - 6.5

Sources: India, Sri-Lanka, Madagascar, Canada and Africa.

A beautiful gemstone, semitransparent with shimmering reflection, the adularescence is quite distinctive.

According to ancient beliefs, the power of the stone comes from long exposure to moonlight, protecting the person wearing it in his travels at night. The Romans believed that you could see the image of Diana the Goddess reflected in the stone. In India the stone is considered as one that brings luck joy and wealth, connecting between contrasting energies, especially between male and female, and generally creating harmony.

The Moonstone is considered to be a stone that balances sensitivity to others and to ourselves, alleviating sadness and depression. It helps with accepting changes in life and is good for new beginnings. In love life it has the power to prevent separations, to renew relationships between couples who separated, and also to help find a new partner.
The stone has a positive influence on the nervous system, eyes, spinal cord, stomach, skin and hair. It helps promote deep and relaxing sleep, enhances fertility and helps in time of pregnancy.
The stone is recommended for those working in areas that demand good expressive capability, teamwork and cooperation.

The Moonstone suits mainly Pisces, Cancer and Libra.