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Mother of Pearl

Color: white, cream, pink, yellowish, black, Gray, violet.

Hardness: 2.5 - 5

Sources: Australia, India, Sri-Lanka, Indonesia, China, Japan, Africa and Central America.

It belongs to the groups of organic gems originated in cultured shells. The stone is similar in its composition to Pearl (see Pearl), appears in wide range of colors, sometimes metallic in tone and is processed in different shapes.

Mother of Pearl is used for carved pieces set in jewelry (see Cameo). Ornaments and furniture inlayed with Mother of Pearl were found in the Pharaohs tombs and symbolized position and beauty. Similar ornaments and jewelry were found in Central America, in antiquities of the Maya and Incas, and in the Far East. In trading they were used as a substitute for money and symbolized the power and wealth of the person who owned it. Seamen would use it as a talisman to protect them from storms.

Mother of Pearl is believed to have a positive effect on our growth and renewal. It guides the person holding it and directs him to fulfill his dreams and achieve his goals. It helps in making decisions and creates peace and calmness. It symbolizes beauty and enhances feminine qualities.

Mother of Pearl is believed to help in the treatment of hearing problems, the functioning of the nervous system and in cases of lack of calcium. It improves absorption of vitamins in the body, protects the muscles and is good for strengthening the bones.

Mother of Pearl suits mainly Pisces and Cancers.