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Color: white, green, yellow, brown, pink, violet, black.

Hardness: 6 - 6.5

Sources: Burma, China, Taiwan, New-Zealand, U.S.A, Central and South America, Russia and Poland.

The variety known as Nephrite has a very compact felted microcrystalline structure which gives it tenacity and the characteristics of jade. While occurring in a range of colors, the green and white are the most popular.

In China, Nephrite is considered a source of power which brings luck and the stone is used for carving figures with religious significance. The importance of the stone in the past was so great that it became the standard used for describing all gemstones. It was used as protective talisman among the native Maoris of New Zealand.

Nephrite is considered good for balancing masculine and feminine energies and helps man communicate with others. It helps in making decisions and in facing situations of stress and anxiety. It brings a feeling of tranquility and pleasantness.
The stone is believed to strengthen the heart and immune system, balance metabolism and stimulate the production of adrenaline, helping to ease asthma attacks and increase male fertility.

Nephrite suits mainly Virgos, Libras and Aquarius.