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Color: black, white, gray, green, orange.

Hardness: 7

Sources: India, China, U.S.A., Japan, Madagascar, Brazil and Uruguay.

Group of stones from the quartz family, one of the Breastplate Stones of the Great Priest identified with Ephraim and Menashe’s tribes.

Onyx is characterized by straight and parallel bands in different colors and the most popular stone is the black Onyx. The name is derived from Greek Mythology where it is told about an artist that used the stone for carving Venus's hands. This act made the Gods angry and they turned the nails of the statue to black stone. Onyx in Greek means “nails”.

Besides jewelry the stone is used for producing objects of art and sculpture.

Onyx has got healing power regarding problems in bone marrow, helps absorb vitamins and minerals and takes care of hormonal balance. The stone enhances self-control, helps with facing fears, stresses and decision-making. Sharpens the senses Has a calming effect, helping one to sleep well. Makes romantic separation easier.

Black Onyx suits mainly Leos and Virgos.