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Color:  white, cream, light pink, light yellow, black, gray.

Hardness: 2.5 - 4

Sources: Burma, Australia, China, Japan, U.S.A, Scotland, Ireland, Pakistan and Bahrain.

The Pearl is the symbol of purity and perfection, beauty and femininity.

The Pearl has been prized since early times.
Pearls are formed in molluscs. They begin when a tiny irritant like a grain of sand, enters the oyster. It reacts by secreting a substance called nacre to surround the intruder.
The oyster grows in sea and fresh water.
Since natural Pearls became rare the Chinese helped nature develop cultured Pearls by growing cultured oysters and even placed a small Buddha figurine inside the oysters that were covered by nacre.

The Pearl brings with it a feeling of serenity and calm while strengthening optimism. It helps to provide and receive love and increases creativity.
The pearl is good for treating infections and spleen and intestinal problems and is considered as one that enhances fertility among women and helps in childbirth. It strengthens the feeling of self-esteem of woman and brings luck.

The Pearl suits mainly Gemini’s and Cancer’s.

Note: It is recommended to wash the pearls with water and keep it in humid and lighted environment in order to preserve the beauty and pearly luster. The pearl should not be exposed to hot conditions and chemicals substances, or ultrasonic radiation. It is recommended to wear pearls only after the perfume or body cream has been absorbed in the skin.