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Color: green, yellow, clear (transparent) brown.

Hardness: 6.5 - 7

Sources: Egypt, Burma, Norway, Russia, Italy, Germany, U.S.A, Mexico, Hawaii.

It is a clear and beautiful stone occurring in different shades of green. The origin of the name is the Arabic word Faridat, which means “stone”. Others claim that the origin of its name is from the French word Peridot, which means “unclear”, possibly due to tiny inclusions inside the stone. These inclusions are beautiful and look like tiny drops. The stone is known also by the name “Olivine”, named after the main mineral in it.

The ancient Egyptians called it the “Sun Stone” and related to this stone the influence of the sun, like Topaz. According to the legends the Peridot was Cleopatra’s favorite stone.

In the Middle Ages it was brought to Europe by the Crusaders and was called “Crysolite Green”, sometimes confusing it with Topaz, it was set in gold jewelry believing that this way its power and influence will be greater.

Peridot is considered a stone that brings joy of life, strengthens psychic powers such as the ability to forecast the future. It brings optimism and hope, stimulates thinking, and prevents jealousy, anger and hostility among friends. It reduces anxieties and stress and gives courage to face challenges and new adventures, while helping to reach goals. Peridot is considered a stone that attracts fortune and prosperity.

The stone is good in balancing the hormonal system of the body, strengthening the spleen, pancreas, gall bladder, kidneys, and helping with ulcers and other problems of the digestive system. It can be used to reduce temperature and aids in healing wounds. It is recommended for women to ease childbirth. Peridot is also thought to help the eyes.

Peridot suits mainly Leos, Capricorns, Aquarius, and Virgos.

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