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Rock Crystal

Color: white, transparent.

Hardness: 7

Sources: All over the world.

Quartz is the most common and widely distributed mineral on earth. Rock Crystal is a clear quartz stone resembling ice. The origin of the name is the Greek word Cristaloos, meaning “frozen”.

The ancients discovered its qualities thousands of years ago and used it for many purposes. Sorcerers used it to see the future and witch doctors “cured” diseases with its help.

Today, besides the jewelry industry, the stone is used as main raw material for producing glass and ceramics. In the electronic industry the Crystal stones are used for enhancing electric pulses and they exist almost in every watch, radio and computer. They are used for producing cutting tools and optics instruments and as raw material for production of synthetic gemstones. It is possible to change their color with radioactive treatment.

It is believed that Rock crystal repels and neutralizes negative energies and enhances positive energies. It balances body and soul, enables us to view different subjects in clear way, without prejudice and helps us in making the right decisions. It resolves sleeping problems and helps to ease pain. It is recommended for musicians as it is thought to sharpen the sense of hearing.

This Crystal has an amplifying effect on other stones which get stronger in its presence; therefore it is recommended to put it together with other gemstones.

Crystal suits all the signs of the zodiac.