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Rose Quartz

Color: transparent, pink,

Hardness: 7

Sources: Brazil, Russia, India, Madagascar, South Africa, U.S.A. and Namibia.

Rose Quartz is a beautiful quartz stone with very delicate and cloudy appearance due to its many inclusions. It is considered to be the stone of love.

The Egyptians and Romans believed in its power to beautify the skin and to this day the stone is used for making cosmetic creams.
In the East it is considered as the compassion and mercy stone and was used as talisman against the “evil eye”.

Rose Quartz is believed to have a calming effect and to stimulate the joy of living. It teaches the person holding it to love himself and others and it brings love to him, therefore the stone is good for improving relationships. Rose Quartz weakens negative emotions such as hatred, jealousy or desire for revenge and helps overcome personal crises and broken heart.
The stone is good for helping problems in heart function, liver, kidneys, lungs and regulates the adrenaline gland.

Rose Quartz suites mainly Taurus, Cancers, Libras.