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Color: red, violet red.

Hardness: 9

Sources: Burma, India, Afghanistan, Thailand, Australia, Tanzania, U.S.A. and Colombia

One of the most valuable and desired gems, the red Ruby belongs to the corundum group (stones from this group with other colors are Sapphires).

The Ruby was much admired in ancient times as well as today, and was called the “kings’ stone” or the “queens’ stone” and symbolized the sun and its heat. The Hindus believed that inside the stone there was internal fire and the Greeks believed that the stone had power to melt wax. In Egypt the Ruby symbolized love and happy marriage and was considered a stone that attracts beauty and fortune.
In the Bible it is called “Odem”, the first stone of Breastplate of High Priest and is identified with the tribe of Reuben.

The Ruby is considered a very powerful stone; it acts as protective substance against diseases and negative energy. The Ruby stimulates the wish to live and provides motivation for realizing ideas and plans. The stone neutralizes feelings of sadness and disappointment and encourages honesty and devotion. It helps with concentration and improves the ability to express oneself. It is considered a gemstone that symbolizes wealth and happiness, adding love and joy to life.
Ruby is believed to strengthen the body's immune system, takes care of heart function and is good for all sorts of inflammation and wound healing.
It is also believed that the stone has the power to deal with fertility problems in women, to protect pregnancy and to help with the healthy development of the embryo.

The Ruby suits mainly Cancers, Leos, Scorpios and Sagittarius.