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Rutiliated Quartz

Color: yellow and transparent green.

Hardness: 7

Sources: Brazil and Africa.

A quartz stone from the crystalline family. It is characterized by many inclusions that look like needles or fibers or threads.

They come in two common types:
Tourmaline quartz - Transparent green, it is also called “the rutile green quartz”, it is characterized with green, black or gray inclusions.
Rutile Yellow Quartz - Yellow transparent color, characterized by red brown or golden inclusions originated from copper. The legend tells the story that the hair of Venus the Goddess was caught in the stone and from here the name “Venus Hair" came.

Regarding healing this stone has sympathy with the respiratory system, eyes and blood and can help with breastfeeding.

Rutilated Quartz suits mainly Taurus, Gemini and Capricorn.