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Color: all the colors except red.

Hardness: 9

Sources: India, Sri-Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Australia, Madagascar, Brazil and Africa.

Sapphire is a precious stone very much in demand from the Corundum family, appearing in a wide range of colors. The red corundum stone is the Ruby and all the stones with other colors are Sapphires. The stone has a hardness of 9, the highest in the mineral world after diamond (Though diamond is 4 times stronger than the sapphire) and the level of durability and toughness is high.

The stone was used in the mystic and religious world. The Greeks related the stone to image of Apollo the God and the stone was worn in order to make the prophecy more accurate. The Buddhists used the stone to enhance praying and increase spiritual enlightenment. In the Church it symbolized the wisdom of God, truth and clarity of thought.
In the Bible the stone is called Sapir and was one of the Breastplate Stones of the High Priest and identified with Issachar tribe.

The iron and titanium are the color factors of the stone. Each color has a name and unique qualities related to it. The Burmese Sapphire called “royal blue” is the most desired and rarer.

Sapphire is considered the stone of truth and peace, balancing emotional influences and developing wisdom. Sapphire strengthens the relationship between couples and increases the trust between them. It helps in controlling the sexual drive and the passion for wealth. It removes jealousy and widens the heart, increases self-discipline and the ability to express oneself.

The Sapphire has healing powers regarding eye problems and it cleans toxins from the body. It helps treating glands and nervous system and strengthens the veins.

Sapphire suits mainly Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius.