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Smoky Quartz

Color: brown transparent.

Hardness: 7

Sources:  Brazil, Russia, Madagascar, Scotland, Japan, Spain, U.S.A, South America and Australia.

Quartz stone from the crystalline family, the origin of name is from its special color, combination of yellowish to dark brown.

Smoky Quartz is considered good for removing negative energies and specifically good in cases where joy of life is missing. It helps in clarifying and focusing thought and provides courage to make positive changes in life. It helps man choose his friends and avoid people with negative influence.

The stone is good for easing muscle pain coming from stress and anxiety, good for treating problems in glands and for problems of balance. It is recommended to hold the stone when making big business transactions. It is also recommended to give to people undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatments because of their cleansing and detoxing qualities.

The stone suits mainly Scorpios, Sagittarius, and Capricorns.