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Color: clear, light blue, yellow, pink, orange, brown brandy.

Hardness: 7

Sources: Brazil, Sri-Lanka, U.S.A, Russia, Japan, Mexico, Zaire, Madagascar and Nigeria.

The stone appears in variety of colors. In ancient times it was believed that it had super powers. For the Egyptians it symbolized “Rah” the Sun God, the source of life and productivity. In the Bible it is called “Pitdah”, one of the Breastplate Stones of the High Priest and is identified with the tribe of Simeon.

Topaz has got high level of hardness but low toughness; a soft blow along the crystal can crack it.

Following are different types of Topaz stones and the unique qualities attributed to them:
Blue Topaz - Appears usually in nature colorless or light blue. To make its color deeper radioactive treatment is carried out, a procedure that doesn’t harm its properties. The stone is believed to increase leadership capability and self-control of the person wearing it. It is good for treating throat problems; and stimulates joy, optimism, love and pleasure. It is considered as a stone that brings luck in the area of work and business, suits mainly Virgos and Sagittarians.
Imperial Topaz - Brown brandy color, the stone enables man to express the information and knowledge acquired by him, hence, it is recommended for students and those involved in research. It suits mainly Leos, Libras, Sagittarius and Capricorn.
Yellow Topaz - Yellow stone. The stone focuses the ability to think and improves communication capability. The stone provides protection against diseases, accidents and black magic; it removes fears and tensions and attracts money and love to the person wearing it.