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Color: all colors.

Hardness: 7 - 7.5

Sources: Sri-Lanka, U.S.A, Brazil, Burma, Kenya, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Mozambique and Tanzania.

Tourmaline is gemstone appearing in wide colors range. It usually occurs as long three sided prisms, some in unified color, others in several colors. The qualities of stones related to it according to color.
Pink Tourmaline: has a calming effect, strengthens creativity, ability to distinguish things, to communicate and raise self-esteem .Removes feelings of anger and helps one to forgive. Suited to Leos.
Green Tourmaline: has a calming effect, balances and enhances ones ability to communicate with the environment, enhances charisma, stimulates energies and helps in treating psychological problems, suits mainly Capricorns and Leos.
Blue Tourmaline:  has a calming effect, and helps the person holding it to focus on achieving his goals, enables man to live in harmony with himself and others, helps in treating respiratory problems. Good for Librans.
Black Tourmaline: Has got very strong protective energy which absorbs the negative energies. It strengthens the body, encourages creativity, emotional stability, self-control and self-discipline, and helps treating heart diseases.
Suits Capricorns.
(It is recommended not to put in the light of sun).
Clear Tourmaline: Enhances the memory and ability to concentrate, neutralizes fears, and helps to eliminates self-pity and self-destructive tendencies. Suits all zodiac signs.