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Color: light blue, greenish.

Hardness: 5 - 6

Sources: China, U.S.A, Afghanistan, Iran, Mexico, Russia and Egypt.

The Turquoise gets its color mainly from copper and iron which penetrate the stone with other material, giving it narrow veins either isolated or as a network in different colors.

This is one of the most ancient gems found in jewelry of different nations in the ancient world: the Persians, Egyptians and Indians worshipped the stone, maybe due to its color, which resembles the sky.

It is considered a stone of protection, bringing peace, motivation and creativity. It stimulates trust and enhances the relations between couples who wear it together. It is said that when Turquoise is given lovingly as a present it will bring special blessings of happiness and good fortune to the person receiving it.
It eases headaches and helps in treating problems in the respiratory system, helps to relieve arthritic and muscle pain.

The stone has a low durability level; is sensitive to heat, acids, sweat, soap and oil which can affect its color.

The stone is recommended for financial managers and those who work in the field of computers.

The Turquoise suits mainly Capricorns, Sagittarius and Pisces.