“… The uniqueness of jewel is due not only to its components or artistic work invested in it, but the pleasure it causes to the person wearing it and the ones looking at it”…

Jewelry and gemstones were inseparable part of man’s life and assets. Though jewels are not basic needs for existence, the need to produce them, hold them, wear them and present their beauty was sunk deep in us through the years.
Jewelry and gemstones symbolizes for us beauty, prosperity, happiness, power, love, formed relationships and more. The artist designs them with all the properties and technologies he has through inspiration he gets from his environment and his experiences in life to express these feelings.
Liat Aviram, an Israeli jeweler and jewelry designer since 1986, gets most of her inspiration from her love to natural gemstones and her wish to express the beauty and power of the stones. Her original jewelry are handmade, mostly “romantic” in style with round lines and emphasis on combining the unique characteristic of stone in the jewel’s shape.
Liat uses her wide experience in goldsmith’s techniques and metal processing together with artistic creativity.
The choice of stones, harmonized colours and design of metals together with imagination and inspiration that Liat realizes in her work create jewelry like no one had before.
Enjoy her selection.
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